Real Street Berlin

So this summer I got to meet a new group of people through my roommate Christian Berg. We had the pleasure of housing Montre Livingston, John Bolino and Jeff Stockwell before we all moved address the Roskilde Festival! I stayed in the blader camp, and had tons of fun there! Great bunch of people from all over the world.

And as it turned out Real Skate Berlin collided with my trip to Berlin this summer - and what was more fun is that my entire little apartment family all travelled from Copenhagen to Berlin. We hanged out all day drinking beer, watched amazing skating and was just having a blast!

I took a few pictures - first time taking skate pictures - so bare with me! It was soooo hard to nail the focus, as the skaters obviously is moving pretty quick! But it was good training for me, so I surely going to do it again! 

Photo: Chris Tonnesen

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