Little Vietnam in Preussenpark, Berlin

This summer I revisited my most favorite city in the world - Berlin! I always enjoy, relax, party, gets surprised and just having a good old time there! There is always something new and interesting.

So this time around my good friend and make-up artist/stylist/awesome blogger Dina Marilee and some of her friends invited me for a road trip to a lake - we had a super relaxing and good time there! But before driving north they took me to Preussen Park to get some food - and boy was it original there!
You might remember Dina from this shoot and this shoot - and make sure to visit her blog Dazed and Rouged!

They were simply just sitting in the middle of the park, under their biiig umbrellas, and cooking Vietnamese street food - and it was super fresh and super delicious! They weren't happy about my big camera though - so I only got to sneak in a few shots!

Be sure to go there the next time you visit Berlin - and I can strongly recommend the coconut oil deep-fried bananas and purple sweet potatoes, they were simply pure pleasure!

Photo: Chris Tonnesen

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