10.000 views and Rødder at Njalsgade pt.III

10.000 views!!! Maybe not a lot for some blogs - but it means a ton to me that you all keep coming!


Summer came - and went.. And so far I have only been able to do one shot with Rødder only using natural lighting!  It makes me sad that it is getting darker for every day now. Natural lighting just makes food pop in pictures, creates a natural, beautiful and drawing feeling to the picture!

However it was a fantastic summer night with tons of good friends chattering on, eating great food and drinking just as great biodynamic wine! And Rødder was swarmed with Copenhagen foodie friends that night, counting owner of the property Christer from Il BucoRasmus and Marie from Mad og Medier, Tiffany Ng from Silver Spoon  and the always lovely Anne Au Chocolat!

Now...there is chatter in the corners about a new Rødder event coming up soon, I know the location, but I'm not going to tell you yet - but believe me - they are taking it to another level this time!! So make sure to stay tuned for news on their FB page!

I even have one more secret to share with you! Rødder and Martin Guf - yes you guessed it - soon soon soon there will be another Murder to Table dining experience! Again I'm not going to share the details with you just yet - but I can tell you that it is going to be very very controversial - people will be shocked and some might even cry! But it is all in the name of a very relevant food discussion - so make sure to at least follow them on FB for pictures and updates!

And now, back to the pictures from a wonderful evening filled with Søren Wiuff asparagus and local meat!

Thank you for coming all the way down to the bottom!!

Photo: Chris Tonnesen

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