So what do you get if you mix jewelry design with an old school, long haired, tattooed and viking kinda guy. Isn't it obvious? You get kickass jewelry design!

As a very very curious person I am very very interested in processes and craftsmanship - how stuff is made, and the whole mess surrounding it! So from the first time I saw Rock & Gold and met Erik, it was clear to me that I someday would have to visit him with my camera!

So a couple of months ago, yes I have been summer lazy, I did manage to visit him! What an interesting  and super nice guy! We chatted along, I took some photos while he worked on a Mjölnir pendant. A chef from the cafe next door came by with a cup of coffee and him and Erik had a smoke. The atmosphere was filled with originality, coziness and joking around - I really didn't wanna leave..

But anywho - If you need a custom made piece of kick ass jewelry - you really should drop by Erik at Rock & Gold in Copenhagen!


Photo: Chris Tonnesen

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  1. Rigtig fine billeder, især det sidste er ret godt taget :)


    1. Tak skal du have Julie :)

      Det er også en rigtig fin blog du har dig!