Murder to Table pt. 3 - Osted Mejeri

After a certainly bloody morning - we headed towards 3rd pitstop on our trip. We needed to collect (read: buy) some dairy products for the evening, milk, cheese and 3kg of butter!

Osted Mejeri is a small small dairy producer, located in an old gas station - yes, as in a place you would fill up your car and not your stomach! However this was very charming! The store was in the old gas station store, and the dairy was produced just beside it - where the repair center used to be!

We got a tour around the place and talked to both the guy in charge of the production, and the older man who ran the place. It was very funny how a rather large milk production could take place in a place that small! But I guess that if you are determined, you can make it work!

Unfortunatly we didn't get to milk our own cows - maybe next time - but we did get the opportunity to buy some unprocessed milk straight out of the truck that just brought it in!

Support small producers of milk and dairy, they are struggling - and they DO producer a better product! Try it out, I promise you will be able to taste the difference!


Photo: Chris Tonnesen
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