Rødder at Bageriet

Last weekend Rødder once again occupied a building in Copenhagen - this time a place called 'Bageriet' (read: The Bakery), my guess is that was a bakery before now being an officespace + pop up restaurant.

The boys from Rødder had gotten hold of some freshly caught Garfish (danes read: Hornfisk) and some long haired pigs - yes, pigs with woolen hair on. They are fattier and way tastier!

Like always the room was filled with candles, wine, food and happy guests. What I love about Rødder is the relaxed atmosphere, everyone is having a good time, talking, laughing, drinking with each other and the people beside them, that they don't know. To use a good danish word for it, it is pure 'hygge'! And what makes you happier than good food and good company?

This time the lovely Anne Au Chocolat and Teitur from Nose2Tail popped in, and I'll bet you they too had a good time!

For me the best course of the night was the dessert! Dark dark malt bread fried in honey served with apple juice granite and sheep yoghurt - and another creamy thing I can't recall what was. Never the less, the bitter taste of the bread just complimented this simple dessert SO well. I gotta get the recipe..

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Photography: Chris Tonnesen
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  1. Chris, for søren og dylan - dine billeder er SÅ fantastiske :)

    1. Hvor er du sød Maja, tusind tak! Din blog er satme også dejlig :)