Helsa på Kafe - Organic Skåne!

When I visited my family in the south of Sweden, we spent a day in the gorgeous city of Ystad. When the cold wind got to us, we found a small and pretty well hidden cafe. It was really amazing, equipped with all sorts of old and odd cups, plates, knives and forks, tables, sofas and so on. It was the perfect mix between a 70's color scheme and old renaissance romantics! We had coffee and cinnamon swirls, and my two nieces had homemade pancakes with jam and whipped cream and a raspberry soda.

They also had a lunch buffet that looked amazing! All kinds of vegetarian salads and whatnot - and of everything was organic - which is amazing!



Besökaregränd 3
27142 Ystad

Photo: Chris Tonnesen

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