Murder to Table: Part 2 - Two Lambs

The is part 2 in the fantastic tale of how we murdered, skinned, picked our way to an evening meal.

We drove further west until we came to a small and super cozy little piece of land were we were greeted, with arms open, by Jens. Rarely have I met a person so caring about his stock and so invested in what he was doing. He showed us the 2 lambs he had picked out for us, and took us into his stables where he had all his sheep and newly born lambs - so cute they were! Lots of laughs, anecdotes and passion was shared that morning - I hope that some day I will get the chance to visit him again!

The slaughtering itself was a really pleasant experience. Everyone had a huge respect for what happened, and everything was done by the book - the lamb never felt a thing. Also knowing they had been treated with care and had led as good a life as they could I had a really good experience with it!

I've had a lot doubt wether I should continue to eat meat with all the factory farmed crap everyone buys nowadays. It strains the planet, your health, tasted poorly and last but not least, the animals suffers! But eating the right kind of meat - organic, farm raised, happy and proper meat - that is what we ALL should be doing!



Photo: Chris Tonnesen
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