Rødder popped up again!

Rødder, Roots, rötter..

Yet again I had the role of photographer with Rødder, when they popped up in a very very cozy cellar in the inner city of Copenhagen. It was an old dungeon like cellar, with a long narrow passage filled with small nooks and secret rooms! I was fortunate enough to have my own little studio way in the back, and I set up my equipment and got ready! This time i did not bring a surface to photograph on - but I was in luck, as the place had a lot of different wooden tops and an old wine barrel! As always it very tiring taking pictures of an entire evening, and also have to take pictures of the food in between, but Solfinn made sure I always had an interesting wine to sip on - and when the guests went home - I had some more. 

As always it was an evening filled with hearty food, organic wine and tons of pure coziness. You should really attend next time - but I'm am not sure when or where, follow them on Facebook for updates! 

Rødder has really gotten the medias attention, and because of them, some of my pictures have been published in the cool magazine; Copenhagen Food. And there is more coming in the spring! You can read part of the article here: 

The menu this time consisted of (if I recall correctly):

Homemade 'Knækbrød' with smoked cheese.

Boiled and fried cod roe with carrot, turnip, lumpfish roe and a buttermilk sauce

Braised veal brisket, with celery, parsnip, purple cabbage and a fritter with veal liver and neck (this recipe is in Copenhagen Food - and it is absolutely rocking!)

Apple Compot, geleé of apple juice, foam of Koldskål, apple granite and almond.

Photo: Chris Tonnesen
Food: Rødder (Solfinn Danielsen, Martin Marko & Esben Grundtvig)

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