Small portrait of an old friend

A couple a weeks ago my childhood friend asked me if we could do some pictures of him - and why shouldn't we I thought. So he came by the studio, we ate some food and talked a bit about it and went to work! He is a former world champion in Taekwondo but have retired from the national team, and instead taken control over the Danish Demonstration Team - so naturally we did some body shots using lighting from above to accentuate his muscle tone.

He was surprisingly easy to work with, which was nice since this was one of my first studio portraits. And boy is there a lot on your mind when shooting in the studio! Testing light, instructing model, checking settings, adjusting lights, trying-to-think-of-new-pose and sheer pressure of having to deliver!

But we were both happy with the results - so why not share them with you all!

Photo: Chris Tonnesen
Model: Bjarke F. Larsen

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