The best sandwich in Copenhagen @ Torvehallerne

Don't we all love sandwiches? They are easy, fairly cheap, and if made well extremely tasteful. However finding that one unique sandwich takes a while, especially in a larger city with tons of shops selling sandwiches in all kinds! French baguettes, italian ciabatta or panini, american bagels, danish ryebread - you name the rest.

BUT the next time you are sandwich needy, do what I and tons of other people in Copenhagen do and drop by the french speciality shop Ma Poule in Torvehallerne - because they have that one sandwich you always want to eat!

I give you, the french baguette with a ton of confit de canard, crisp arugula and sharp dijon dressing. No really, you should try it!

Foto: Chris Tonnesen
Food: Ma Poule in Torvehallerne, owned by Edouard Cazazian.

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