Thirties inspired photoshoot

When I was working my ass of at Sticks'n'sushi at the Tivoli Hotel, trying to make ends meet and finding an internship so I could pursue a photo career, I met an amazing california girl. Her name is Dina Marinelli and as it tourned out - she is a stylist! She has a blog on Trendsales called Dazed and Rouged
So here half a year after we split, we decided to do a photoshoot together.

Inspired by the 1930's hollywood with heavy shadows, dark backgrounds and lush lipstick. We teamed up with an aspiring model named Amalie. She was a bliss to work with and I foresee that she could go somewhere in the modeling business!

Since I still am not a very strong portrait photographer, I had a very hard time. How is the light? Is the settings correct? How should I instruct the model? Tons of thoughts running through my head and the pressure of having to deliver a final product! I did as best as I could, convincing myself that I can do this. It will probably get better with experience!

Have a look and see what you think of it!


Photo: Chris Tonnesen
Make-up/styling: Dina Marinelli Brandt
Model: Amalie Biltoft

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