Packshots - harder than you think!

So from the 6th. of February until the 30th. of March I will be attending school. See the way the photography education works here in Denmark is that you have to find a photography company that will hire you as an intern/student/assistent. It is hard as nails to get a place as a lot of people is looking for a spot and mixed with the current economy photographers have a hard time to even afford to hire an intern.

I was lucky enough to get hired by Line Klein and started working with her the 1st of November 2011. So now I have 4 years of working with her, and then once in a while going back to school where we will learn some of the classic traits you need to posses as a commercial photographer.

So the course I am following now is about working in a studio - meaning we will learn how to work with strobes and how you modify them. The focus is on 2 things; Products and Portraits!

This week I decided the use some of the techniques I picked up last week during our intro week. And this is the result:

The wine shot is compiled of 6 shots - one were the big label is lighted, the small label, the background, the lid, the highlights in the bird, and lastly a shot to give the light coming though the bottle.

And this Singha is 1 big setup with 3 light sources and tons of gold paper as reflectors!

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