Roadtrip to Naturmælk, Krusmølle and Gram Castle

Last week I got hired by Rasmus Holmgaard from Mad & Medier to join him and journalist Simon Cantor on a trip to Sønderjylland (:read the far south part of Denmark). Rasmus was making an feature in the newspaper Jyske Vestkysten about local producers and their products and their christmas markets.

It was a very great day with lots of driving, talking, photographing and learning! We ended up visiting Naturmælk (:natural milk), the only biodynamical dairy farm in Denmark. Gram Slot, an old castle that now works as a farm/market/innovator/epicenter of local events. Krusmølle, that is a hybrid between a restaurant and a farmers market with all sorts of goods, foods and hand crafted items. And let me just tell you that Krusmølle is picturesque, original and really worth a lunch if you are driving through that part of the country.

At Krusmølle they have their own water spring just outside - and of course they are selling that water in some very cool design awarded bottles. A funny thing was, that we had this water at Naturfrisk, before going to Krusmølle - and as we were leaving, I said to Simon - these bottles are so cool, they would be perfect for homemade snaps (:brændevin)! And ofcourse, when we got to Krusmølle, that was just what they had! The picture below ended up as on the front page, after I photoshopped away the recipe to make room for new text.


Photo: Chris Tonnesen

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