So John from Johns Hotdog deli (you might remember him from this post) hooked me up with ingredients for his brand new mothtly hotdog and I made a poster for him!

There is a huge tradion for hotdogs here in Denmark (especially with the sad sad red skinned sausages) and every single boring stand serves the same generic kind of.... I'm not even gonna say it.. But then there is John! Like I told you John is one of those guys who does it right! So every month he comes up with a hotdog that pushes the envolope on what a hotdog is and should be! Using local and seasonal ingredients he makes the most delious homemade sauces and toppings which he serves with proper sausages from butchers around the country!

And I tell you, it is not for kicks and giggles that he has been mentioned in some of the worlds biggest newpapers and magazins as a go-to place for food experiences in Copenhagen!

This month it is a nordic deerdog with homemade hawthorn mustard, chantrelle remoulade and a spiced lingonberry and red onion pickle! It is served with an amazing amazing deer sausage (and I tell you it is so tasy!).

Just go taste it....and make sure to buy one of his home made mustards when you are there anyway!

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