10 minute shoot

I completely forgot to upload these images - and they are simply to good to NOT upload. It is from my last school period where we trained studio photography and got an assignment to do a imaginary cover shoot for Another Man Magazine. Our teacher for the week was the talented Daniel Stjerne - and he provided us with a model and a make-up artist and some clothes. We had a day of planning and testing, and 10 minutes for the actual shoot - pressure was on! It was fun though to work under those conditions, and most likely some times it will be like that in real life - so it is good to have done it at least once before!

I teamed up with Mikkel Suppras, and together we did the shoot - and I am really happy with the turn out!

Photograpers: Mikkel Suppras & Chris Tonnesen
Model: Shami (Scoop Models)
Make-up: May Naes

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