Geranium - Private dining with Rasmus Kofoed

A few weeks back I got hired by Zoë Escher who arranges gourmet events all over Copenhagen - under the name Sakana Club Gourmet (the entire series of pictures is at her gallery).
She had arranged an intimate dining experience with Rasmus Kofoed - head chef at Geranium in Copenhagen, and winner of Bocuse d'or 2011 - which makes him holder of the title as Worlds Best Chef! 

The guests was served a series of small snacks and champagne all while Rasmus was standing in front of them talking about himself and of course the dishes put forth! It was a very very interesting lecture in finding yourself, keeping yourself motivated and how to work with passion! He also spoke very personally about his childhood and of course about the toll it takes to attend something was Bocuse d'or 3 times (getting 3rd, 2nd AND 1st place)

Lastly they were given a very exclusive behind the scenes look in the kitchen, as the dessert was served there - having Rasmus and another chef finishing it up in front of the guests - again all while he cheerfully spoke about how he find inspiration to dishes. This one being inspired by a walk in the danish forest seeing trees sprouting from the ground! And boy was it a good dessert! 

So all in all I too had a terrific day, shooting, listening and of course tasting!

Photo: Chris Tonnesen

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