Murder to Table - Wine and dine!

Last post to bring conclusion to the epic tale of Murder to Table!

Everything that got collected, slaughtered, bought, talked about, skinned, plucked and beheaded was cooked, served and eaten by all the happy guests who attended the pop up restaurant.

It all ended up with 6 beautiful dishes that couldn't have been served much fresher and cleaner! As always it is about the simplicity and respect - all melted with a room filled with candles and laughter, and just the right amount of wine (with no headaches added).

3 things stood out for me in the dishes this time. Raw lam tartar was a pleasant first for me, so soft and still tasteful! Secondly I finally got to try a 60 degrees egg, boiled for 1 hour to give it a unique structure with soft whites and a perfect yolk! Lastly the boys put all the eatable guts into the stew, and that is including the testicles - I don't know if the 4 testies was what made it so tasteful but they could not be wasted now could they?

If you wanna read more about the dishes you should check out Mira Arkins review here.

And remeber to check up on all the other fun things coming up!

Photo: Chris Tonnesen
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