Murder to Table - Kiselgaarden og Rosforth & Rosforth

Tale continued..

After Herslev we made our last stop outside Copenhagen, at Kiselgaarden. A large scale greenhouse, in the middle of nowhere, that produces lots of amazing herbs and vegetables! We were greeted by Ask's highy pregnant wife (or girlfriend) and 2 minutes later Ask came driving in from the fields in his big tractor! As we came in-between seasons "all" he had to offer was herbs, but he had lots of them! Getting inside these large greenhouses was quite funny - and oh boy did all the herbs in there smell wonderful!! Fingers in the dirt, and get it out by the roots!

After that we packed up and drove home! End of story? Not at all - we were just getting started!

In the car the menu was finally completed, now knowing what ingredients was available! An when we arrived back in Copenhagen the team split up. Martin, Martin and Esben started prepping while Solfinn went for wine at Rosforth & Rosforth who specializes in biodynamic wines, organically grown, unfiltered and without added sulfides (they also don't add hangover!). To help us out was the kind, and fellow swede, Pontus (who is sommelier at NOMA). After tasting, smelling and digging in the dark storage room - we headed back for the last preparations!

Rosforth & Rosforth




Photo: Chris Tonnesen 
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