Smoky Glenmorangie!

So at school another assignment was to shot an object, which is transparent.

I just got a new set of whisky glasses from my littlebrother for christmas, so I figured why not use one of those! Also I am a sucker for whisky, so it was fun to make a shot like this. I decided to add smoke for two reasons, to give an extra layer of transparency, and because whisky is smoky. I know it is kind of stupid, but I thought it was funny. I used an incense, as the smoke is very heavy, slow and playfull - much easier than liquid smoke or cigarettes.

The liquid itself is in fact cheap cola, mixed with water. If you don't want to shake and release to get rid of all the gas in a soda - you can use diluted black coffee. You don't want to waste your precious whisky!

I used a single striplight coming up from behind, and a small reflector underneath the head of the glass - nothing more, nothing less.

Ask away, if there is anthing you want clarified!

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