Black Brixton on Black Background

As the school drawing to an end for this time, I will upload some of the different assigments we had to. This was 1 course out of 5 and it focused on shooting in a studio, and again focusing on commercial/packshots and a bit on portraits as well. So I will from time to time upload some the 18 assignments we were given this time around. I will return to school next August, and until then go back to my mentor and work with her!

This assignment was used to teach how to make a black object stand out on a black background. To solve this it I used 3 lamps to light and seperate the hat from background, and 1 lamp to highlight the Brixton emblem on the hat. 1 beauty dish placed high and slightly to the left behind the hat, 1 reflector underneath and 1 reflector from behind on the right side. Lastly was the Focus Spot shooting directly on the hat - the power was turned way down, which reflected of the emblem, while the fabric of the hat absorbed it. That was very very smart, and I was very surprised that it even worked!

So here is my take, and a packshot of a Brixton hat, on a black background! Ask away if you are curious!

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