Silke Bonde Illustration

I was contacted some time ago by an illustrator named Silke Bonde. We met shortly at a Kähler-early-morning-product-line-introduction-thingy-with-champagne-and-canapés (yes I was at such a think believe it or not). Apparently this networking thing is pretty cool huh?

So we met up and had a blast of a sunday, none of us are stylists per se, so we stuck our heads together and scoured the studio for props (other than the things she had brought along). It turned it really great! And also her illustrations are super clean and super cool!

Here is a select few of them! (:read, see the rest here)

Photo: Chris Tonnesen

4 kommentarer:

  1. Flot grå vægfarve. Hvad er det for en maling, Silke Bonde?

    1. Det er på Lines studie på Frederksberg, og det er faktisk en eller anden form for gas beton, og ikke maling - men det kan du jo se i det kommende år :)