Coquo - I Cook (in a jar)

So I never got around to tell you about my new found friends! Long story short, I met a frenchman called Alexandre when interviewing for a room in an apartment, and we immediately noticed each others keen interest in food. So when I did not the room, I decided to send him a business card with a greeting on the backside telling him to contact me if he was interested in some sort of collaboration, you never know right? Spring became late autum and a text from Alex made my phone buzz!

He and his friend Julius had come up with an idea - selling good quality, home cooked and traditional food in glass jars. Eat right away, or take it home and reheat! No need for transferring the food onto a plate, or eating of some cheap plastic crap. Isn't it brilliant!?

The are called Coqou, visit their page for more info here!

Anyway, I took some photos of the dishes they tested out in Torvehallerne - and tommorow I am meeting up with them again to shoot the dishes they will be serving at Pecha Kucha CPH #22. They will also be doing a short presentation of their project - so if you are interested in food entrepreneurship and other cool ideas - drop by on wednesday!

PS. they will be serving the most amazing dish on wednesday, I had the honor of testing it with them. So damn good!

PPS. I know a lot of good stuff will come form these guys, so do like them on Facebook!

Photo: Chris Tonnesen

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