Rødder luncheon at the museum

Summertime turns to wintertime..It keeps getting colder and colder and darker and darker! 

So what do you do.. Well, you eat a biiiig warm dinner in the beaming daylight around 1 o'clock! Rødder popped up for a lovely lunch in the cool settings of Københavns Museum! With them they had had a jazz band called Gypsy Vendetta that filled the big room with cheery and cozy jazz music (let's hope that is not the last time they come around!).

Everyone was just in good spirits - was it the good company, the great food, the flood of light and the embrace of music? I tell you what it was, it was Rødder!

This time I teamed up with my little brother and handed him a Canon 5D Mk. II and told him to make a film while I photographed - and so he did! We switched around once in a while, and together came home with tons of data to process! I am pleased to tell you that I am working on the video and I am very exited to show you the first ever Rødder reel! Stay tuned!

Come by next time and say hi -  I will be there!


Photo: Chris Tonnesen

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