Crystal Shipsss + Man meets Bear

Wow it has been a while since I last took photos at a concert - I forgot how insane the lighting is, especially at Huset in Copenhagen. Hard red LED...yay..

Anyways, a very dear friend of mine played a concert, so obviously I brought my camera. This time however I wanted to try and be a bit more creative. So I have played a bit around with handheld long exposure and blending techniques in photoshop.

Crystal Shipsss have gotten great reviews on the first record and the concert lived completely up to the buzz! Airy falsetto mixed with hard screams, dreamy guitar collapsing into noise. Without a doubt one this years most interesting records!
Check it out and support the guy behind -  Jacob Faurholt (more photos here)

Warming up was canadian band Man Meets Bear, who also was the orchestra backing up Jacob live.

Man Meets Bear

Crystal Shipss

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