Johns Hotdog Deli

A few days ago we got a portrait assignment which finally pushed me into contacting a person I for a long time have been wanting for portrait and just work with in general - John from Johns Hotdog Deli here in Copenhagen.

John is one of the most charismatic and lively persons I have ever met - he is packed full of good energy and passion for something as cool as the good old hotdog! Every month he has a new special hotdog with homemade toppings, sauces, pickles..you name it, and he makes it from scratch! Other than that he makes a lot of mustard and chilisauces, that he sells out of his little 'pølsevogn'.

He is the kind of guy that wakes up in the middle of the night, with a new recipe that he jots down in his little book! I could seriously keep on talking about how awesome I think this guy is - but what I really want you to do, is to go meet him yourself! Getting a hotdog from him is not just grab-and-go food, you get something you will remember! And if you feel chatty, he is always good for some talking! When I photographed him, I ended up spending 2 hours there...and I enjoyed every second of it!

I tell you, even though he entitles himself as just a 'pølsemand' - he has so so so much more than that to him - and I hope that my pictures somehow can portrait that he is a guy with the experience, passion and profoundness to change a lot of things that seriously needs changing!

Photo: Chris Tonnesen

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