Black Berry Muffins

So I am back at school for around 2 months. First week was kinda relaxed, doing some weird assignments, photoshopping a bit, but mostly just hanging out with the great group of people the class consists of. So inspiring to be in class with such a talented bunch!

This week however, we are playing on my turf! We have 2 weeks of food photography, yes! Our first assignment was completely open - so I teamed up with Tania Mølgaard. Inspired by a foraging event I shot the weekend before (pictures to come) I wanted to do a shoot with black berry muffins, so I took my bicycle and collected 500grams of fresh, ripe danish black berries - so delicious!

Next week Simon and I are going to do some shots with the Culinary School here in Copenhagen - they are doing some molecular "dishes"! So it is going to be something completely different from what I usually do - but what a great way to pick up some new skills! Simon and I spent a couple of hours flicking through the 2000 pages cooking bible Modernist Cuisine, to gather inspiration and ideas! We have some really cool ideas! But more about that next week!

Back to what's important to this post - here is our fictional black berry muffin shoot!

Photo: Chris Tonnesen

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