Once more with Amalie Biltoft

At school last time I got really inspired by my two fellow students Frederik Heide and Mikkel Suppras who both does mainly fashion photography - and I decided that I wanted to learn more about that. We also had the really cool photographer Daniel Stjerne as a guest teacher, and he gave us a lot of tips on shooting and retouching in fashion photography.

So about two weeks ago I once again teamed up with the amazing make up artist Dina Marinelli from Dazed and Rouged and aspiring model Amalie Biltoft. I put A LOT of hours in the retouching of these photo and I am super pleased with the outcome, and I again learned something from the mistakes I have made! But hopefully I will grow faster with the photoshopping!

Like always, ask away if there is something you are wondering about!

Photography: Chris Tonnesen
Make up: Dina Marinelli
Model: Amalie Biltoft

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